Mistletoe Merchants of Memphis

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Halloween booth in Memphis
Halloween booth in Memphis

Our Halloween and Harvest booth in Memphis.

We had a great time at Mistletoe Merchants in Memphis this past weekend. Kristi Rowan and all the folks at The Market Shows by Midsouth Media Group do a great job of putting together a first-class show.

This show always kicks off our busy holiday season and we had a great one thanks to our temporary elves – Lacey, Sarah and Meghan. The only downer was that Meghan came down with some kind of bug and had to leave early since she was sick. We’re hoping she’s feeling much better now.

Our booth area in Memphis is unusual. We have a 10′ x 20′ booth at the end of an aisle and a 10′ x 10′ booth across the aisle from the bigger booth. We also have an area at the end of the aisle against the wall where we exhibit more merchandise. This year our college merchandise was at the end of the aisle. The Halloween and harvest filled the 10′ booth and we filled the bigger booth with our Christmas and western items.

Christmas booth in Memphis

Our Christmas and western booth in Memphis.

Thanks to all our customers in the Memphis area. ¬†Folks in that neck of the woods have the opportunity to attend another great Holiday Market by Mistletoe Merchants at the Agricenter in Memphis October 25-27, although we won’t be there. We’ll be in Oklahoma City that weekend for An Affair of the Heart!

College booth in Memphis

Our collegiate area in Memphis.

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